Drink with a bag may be given after 3 years?

NewbornMyth Today, manufacturers propose a variety of juices. The fact that a product is suitable for small babies, you write on the pack. These juices are made in approximately shops where any phase of production is good tested. Specialists, together with doctors pick a most beneficial and tasty watermelon or veggie, apples and berry mix.  Child. Similar Mums.articles:Moms. Nice mumNewbornMoms. Читать полностью -->

Care of a child. I will find!

BabyHave you lost a child? What want you do in such a situation in a 1-st put and as to prevent it?A experience of a lot of moms dads shows that most ofttimes a infants have lost in a crowded places: in transport, railway stations, major shopping centers. Parents simply can not control every step of a kid at a same time doing something influential: a ticket is issued, paving a technique in a crowd or paying at a checkout. Thirst interesting overcomes the little fidget all fear, and at the present time he was exploring new territory, and the poor mother rushing around in search of a loved baby.And sometimes adults with amazement To the note a emergence in the arsenal of a child "playing": however soon so you let go of his palm, the some robber escapes! And strive to catch up! So, the very 1st rule, and a only sure technique not to lose a baby in crowded places - firmly hold his hand or carry on his hands if he is very magnetically. A basic item - that the child never for a moment out of range of tactile contact. In addition, since 3 years old kid is able to remember the name and age (if only to show on hands) - memorize it with a data.It want as well try to memorize the address, and up to that time, not only the crumbs invest in a business card pocket, but also make the indelible ink mark on infants's clothes. At a supermarket, very nice children it's good to put a cart in a product, an older baby at a time can be determined in a game placement (if this service is accessible).Another version - to involve the baby in a fun game: You take a items, and it adds up to a cart at the checkout together by laying out all the bags. Читать полностью -->

I see, hear, feel

ChildMany children 10 months of age already select their beloved fun. Forgotten at a party spot or a teddy bear is able to create a family crisis. If a newborn in a absence of an old "friend" trying to comfort a new toy, she vehemently denied. In spite of the problems that can cause a "favorite toy", this early attachment is an serious event in the building of the crumbs. It indicates the ability to distinguish great newborn items.A little man yet remembers the look of a favorite toy, even when it is not there. A child's ability to distinguish sounds evident in this age as well noticeable, as was a ability to distinguish subjects by their person. Читать полностью -->

Kid - Trainer

BabyAll of myself to send a infants, and there is no time for fitness? Do not dissemble. If you need to do, It is possible to do however, without parting with a newborn. A toddler will only help! 10 minutes, 4 kinds of exercises and the endless joy of movement together.Being a nice mom - it means to be busy from first to evening. But that does not excuse you with a pleasant duty to take leaving of his own body. We offer any simple and effective movements, light and enjoyable in execution. Following all, you'll deal with a child!These exercises may be performed every time - all together or separately during a time. Читать полностью -->

Gravity gain or underweight

BabyThe third stepRegular checking of a baby weightiness is needed only in the case. If you still believe in insufficient quantity of your natural milk. But do not harass a daily weighing the baby, the benefits it will bring: you are nervous, dramatically decreased the amount of natural milk.Weigh the child regularly - each 30 days or every two months. If a mass of a newborn causes you anxiety, weigh it weekly (but not every day!). All data is entered in a separate plate: a horizontal line incorporate your weeks of his life, start with the month of birth, in the vertical - a baby's gravity in grams (for example, gravity newborn at birth 3700 grams - is the starting point of the chart).A healthy newborn need gain gravity with one-half to one kilogram per month or a minimum of 125 g per week. Babies breastfed exclusively breastfed in the 1-st months may gain weight more speedily. Читать полностью -->

Mums. Drink from a bag may be given following three years?

NewbornMyth Today, manufacturers offer a variety of juices. A fact that a item is suitable for small kids, you write on a pack. These juices are done in about shops where each stage of production is good tested. Specialists, together with doctors pick a most beneficial and tasty berries or vegetable, fresh fruit and berry blend.  Newborn. Alike Mums.articles:Care of a child. Father and baby. Читать полностью -->

Baby service. Beneficial additives

ChildSometimes a great idea to bathe the baby in the bath with sea sol. To do this, dissolve a sea sol in a saucepan, strain done several layers of cheesecloth and pour out earlier a dip in the tub. Sea saline solution, which will remind a crumbs of a days spent in mother's tummy, very beneficial. Put a dip, drench a newborn with plain water to sluice off the sea saline, if the solution was sufficiently concentrated.Lovely option for swimming and all kinds of herbal teas. If a baby is restless, It is possible to bathe him in a coniferous solution, if you have problems with the face - in a infusion or series of elecampane. It is not required to bathe the child in a compote of chamomile - it dries a face, but to apply it however one of the components is potential.In basic, before experimenting with herbs, check with your doctor - it will help you choose a optimum composition.  Service of a baby. Читать полностью -->

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